Something that bothers me…

One of the most common traits desired on people’s imaginary mate list (usually titled “My perfect boyfriend/girlfriend” but for these purposes let’s be gender neutral) is someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Honestly? that’s the type of person you want to spend your time with? This is a terrible trait to look for in a person. Imagine having a conversation with them or trying to work out a problem

“(insert your point of view here)”

“you can think what you want i don’t really care”

BAAGHHH!! see how frustrating trying to have a conversation with this person would be? It would happen in any situation too, like over dinner? you would end up sounding like their waiter, they wouldn’t ask you any questions because they wouldn’t care! basically talking to them would be like trying to play baseball with a balloon.

For a normal person it would be impossible for them not to care about what anyone thinks because other people’s opinions help you form your own.  for instance think of your favourite movie,  you wouldn’t have been able to see that movie if other people hadn’t shared your opinion and cared about what you thought.

Besides, people should care about what you think, this is how blogging got popular, it also helps them form their own view of you. if someone didn’t care what anyone else thought they would be very self centered and quite honestly you would die of boredom after being in their presence longer than 10 minutes.

So if you must look for someone who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks (perhaps/hopefully/instead you really mean a rebel? a non conformist?)  maybe try looking for someone who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, except for the people they care about. Besides this person seems much more healthy and interesting 🙂


p.s i found spell check!!! 😀 it’s that little check marked ABC icon, this my friends is a beautiful display of my computer skills


2 responses to “Something that bothers me…

  1. Before this post, I had never thought about what saying that actually means! To be more specific the desirable trait may be that the person has enough self-confidence to not be bothered by the negative things others have to say about them. I have met people who really do not care about anyone else’s point of view, thinking they are always correct! You are right, it is very infuriating and certainly not a positive characteristic to look for in a friend!

    • I’m sure that people say this to mean that the person has enough self-confidence to not be bothered by negative things but still it kinda annoys me… as i’ve said 😛

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