Hail Mary

Posting Something for the imagined category that was nearly missed this month. Since that was all I did last month (I may be wrong, I’m tired and trying to figure out which month which post was posted in is confusing me… I’m surprised i could even create that last sentence) so… a little pun/ line that has some dialogue placement possibilities

You can’t be a little rock, you’ve got to be a little boulder.

yeah… tired.


Mhurgfffl…. >:/

That feeling you have when it feels like you’ve slept for less than 5 minutes and you’re waking up at 5:30 in the morning? yeah, have that now.
Here’s how to achieve this lovely state of consciousness:

Starting Monday, wake up at 5:30, sleep in for 15 minutes because you did [nearly] all this last week, run to look for spare change because sleeping in lost time needed for making lunch, eat breakfast in car, go play squash till 8:30/9 (Note* hit the ball hard, because they don’t bounce! YAY! proceed to wish you were playing with an iron frying pan)

Proceed to school – Stairs are involved and must be walked up and down repeatedly while carrying a 10+ pound deadweight, remember to look good! 😀

Rugby Practice till 5 (Note* some people like to walk in drills while they think the coaches aren’t watching. Do not be one of these people, the coaches are watching. Repeat drill because of slackers)

Eat dinner while icing ankle

Shower then Braid hair (While your arms are burning from being above you’re head for an hour just think how awesomely strong your arms will be!)

Do math while your brain slowly loses power


Make bus (First time this month, Feel PROUD!)

School – see monday

Rugby – teach new players! (*<–highlight of day, do not read as sarcasm) after practice catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflective surface, scare self. Make a note to find hairstyle that does not involve sharp metal objects to attain non hobo style.


Forget that [important]  homework is due friday while you feel good about yourself being able to answer the wheel of fortune questions before they add non given letters

Watch jeopardy, feel marginally less smart



See monday until rugby (skid on non varnished wood floor while trying to hit ball in squash, miss)

Rugby – outside, run through snow banks, feel proud that you dressed well for the weather

French homework


Midnight – remember you promised to bake cupcakes on thursday back in february and have been planning said expenditure since
remember important homework due friday
remember that you have blogged once this month
forget above when asleep

Sleep in till… Just Kidding you are on auto wakeup and it is 6 o’clock try as you might you are not falling back asleep no matter how long you lay there

8:30 have decided to stay in bed until room temperature rises above 15 c and the polar unit have gone to work, since it is now 20ish c it is time to eat and etc.

time getting ready perfectly so that you will be ready to go at 10:30

Friend comes at 10:20, make friend wait until you are ready (at 10:40)

continue making bad prioritizing decision

go grocery shopping for supplies/ bake and decorate cupcakes until you have to work

work till 8
come home and remember homework that you remembered last night

Work on blog… fear for life,  shove stuff to weekend.  Read horoscope – plan to feel like figure 1 on friday…. maybe more like saturday

figure 1

Get ready for bed at 10:30 as past experience has told you that you do not function properly when having to wake up at 6 if you go to bed at 12 or later, you know that bruises ensue because of lack of foot coordination. Feel proud for taking precaution.

Friday* Subject to change

wake up at 6, eat, pack etc.
miss bus/ Make bus = 80/20 chance respectively
feel glad parents like you enough that they don’t make you walk, like cold for same reason

feel guilt for not completing annotated bibliography for english, try to remember what essay you are writing is on as you watch presentations, May have to sit through possible lecture

feel guilt for not completing children’s story, feel a little better after remembering you blogged

feel good that you completed french homework, try to remember how to speak french

… challenge and change hope for a movie

get home at 3:20, work at 3:30, end at six, dinner

friends come over, teach rugby and watch movie, talk a lot.

work on homework that was due today/shower/braid
look forward to sleeping in tomorrow
remember that you are waking up at 4-6 to go to grandma’s and maple syrup festival. Plan on sleeping in car, hope you don’t see anyone you only sort of know there as you feel like slothing and speaking as little as possible, limit words to grunts.


Muffins are Ugly Cupcakes

         While there are many recipies for many things, the best recipies are for cupcakes. They are muffins with a sickening amount of sugar on them. They are like muffins with fancy hats.  While muffins are the  over proctective hover mothers protecting their “temple” with SPF 90 and wicker garden hats, raising vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/sugar free children in the suburbs; Cupcakes are the ladies in the south, frying bananas and spicing up their gumbo, going to church to compete in the unspoken competition of who has the best hat. Both are good, one is even by far healthier, but if you were to have a party, who would you rather invite?

My friend just got a cupcake book from the library with loads of toppings to make your cupcakes exciting, 

I also just recently read through Martha Stewarts Cupcakes

I could feel a sugar high just looking at them.
Here are some examples from each book; First from What’s New, Cupcake? (which, I found out, is a sequel ((YES a COOKBOOK sequel ftw!)) to Hello Cupcake!) My Favourites from this book are the ones that look like other food. There are of course cupcakes that don’t look like other food in the book.

Main Course - Take out Cup Cakes!

Jelly Belly Kernels!

And Pie for Dessert! the "fruit" are smarties 🙂

 Martha Stewart’s look a little more classy but just as fun to make!

Candied Hazelnuts

Obviously we had to make some… this is what ours looked like

Too bad thinking about eating that much sugar gives me a headach :/

A List of Awesome – Sites

The internet, like china, is a big place and similarily can be full of gems and shit.
Here are a few gems.

http://www.dearblankpleaseblank.com – Procrastination AND chuckles


Dear people who complain about our generation,
Remember who raised us.
Sincerely, your kids

Dear Taylor Swift,
If it is of any interest to you, Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves in the end.
Sincerely, Shakespeare

Dear Americans,
We totally agree with you about illegal immigration. Please allow us to show you to the nearest airport.
Sincerely, Native Americans

http://thesurfbird.com/  – For some lovely photography


http://www.wordle.net/ – makes you feel artistic by creating word clouds from text you insert


http://www.mangareader.net/ –  Free. Manga.


^ Actually a girl...

 http://www.fastpasstv.eu/tv – Almost any show/Movie is on here to stream, so if you can’t watch it on say NBC because they only broadcast to US, you can watch it in good quality here as long as you use the WiseVid connection

http://www.etsy.com/ – A place for everything you never knew you wanted and everything you could ever need

Wall StickiesHair/Hat PinResident Evil Zompie Apocolpse Travel Mug

 http://www.shopruche.com/ecofriendly-c-20.html – I feel pretty just looking at the clothes


http://www.modcloth.com – FAVOURITE – If i had loads of money I would run out quickly and need four closets.

http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/ – FAVOURITE – you know why


http://www.juliansmith.tv/ – Because he made this jelly fish sandwich for you.

http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ – Exploitatvie ideas and creative ways to navigate white culture and social interactions. AKA making fun of stereotypes.