When Lost At Sea

So, I’m sorrry that I lied

But, I couldn’t stand to see your eyes

When I told you how she’d said


So I dressed myself in your lovers clothes

and walked out on the ice.


Why i will probably fail school


I could do my homework and study and all that boring stuff. or i could play computer games and read and all that fun stuff….  :S

but i figure that if this is where i end up i’d best study like a champion and get all my things done… so i will start tonight!!!! by doing my laundry, which has been sitting clean in various places of my house. Currently there is a load in the washing machine, a stack of clean stuff on my chair (we use the dining room chairs to store all our shit until dinner time comes around …or it overflows) another full basket of clean in my room and laundry covering my bedroom floor.  before all this happened i was of the idea that i should just accumulate alot of clothes.

i mean a lot of clothes, this way i wouldn’t have to do as much laundry whilst in uni! i deffinatly thought this was a genius idea.

obviously i haven’t thought this through, i thought i would be able to skip along with out ever running out of clothes. I see know how this was a stupid idea.  It started out fine; one load would be being cleaned as i put the other away, a continual supply of clothing, i would never run out 😀  

However.  More clothes = DEFFINATLY MORE LAUNDRY.  i have to put away my clean stuff, clean the dirty stuff and then put it away again.  <- which is normally what one would do with clothing.

 but now that i have so many clothes i am of the mindset that “oh i can wash those later, i still have clean socks available.”  <- which basically sabotaged my entire system.

so now im left with this

which i have to do when i get home.  as well as homework….

hmm i started this post by making it seem that i have a lot of shit to do, turns out i really don’t. Im  just lazy.