Hello all in the world of blog! I’m Nyla and this here site is your portal to my thoughts and imaginings! I see blogging as the closest thing to an online diary. (for the record I don’t really do diaries but for your enjoyment I will contract a severe case of creative diahrrea(sp?)) And I guess this is good practice if i ever have to go to therapy? hopefully im stable enough never to need it 🙂 I will ramble and rant and spew spurts of genius, and then forget it before i have time to type it up. You will have long posts and short posts, weird posts (like this one?) and random posts. Posts on things real and imagined, but never no posts! as that rendered impossible by this post 😉 All for the sake of a good mark! anyways i must leave you to your own devices as the bell rang, lunch is over and i have to go to french.. or the other one, ill figure that out when i find (Hufflepuff!) somebody.   this whole blog idea could be dangerous though… no spell check.


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