Cartoons are more real than real life

So I heard on CBC radio 2 as Bob Mackowycz was inserting little factoiods into my morning, slowly preparing my brain for the onslaught of knowledge that will ensue from my voluntary attendance of life,  that the reason Disney movies such as The fox and the Hound are able to bring tears to grown mens eyes more so than say Titanic is that in some skewed way, the cartoons are more relatable. Let me start a new paragraph to explain further.

Real life movies don’t bring us to tears as easily as animated movies because we see the real people and perceive whats happening as their life not ours and we are watching from afar, but in animated movies we see the lines that make up the face and project our own feelings as to what emotion the face is feeling.

I hope that makes sense because now I have something else to talk about, but don’t worry its related…

so this brings me to talk (type?) about a blog that has been spreading through my group of friends like an std on jersey shore.

the posts are super funny and very relatable, her vocabulary is extremely descriptive and all of this is heightened by her mastery of paint.

you can only be responsible for so long a period of time before you crack...

you could go through a whole post, just look at the pictures and still laugh.  but then you should read it because its even more funny that way. Another great part about this blog is that it provides a satirical look at life and overall good advice, so go ahead and learn seven games you can play with a brick, how to survive rural montana and a better use for girl guide cookies.


Just something to squeal about…

GEEE!!! 😀 

The guy who plays Robbie in ‘Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ is

Aaron Johnson

As Robbie

who plays Kick Ass

Alter Ego

Everyday Nerd


and is now my version of Alex Pettyfer

for all of you who understand the implications of this, feel free to expel a girlish squeeble (the only word i could make up that captures the feeling in question)

for all of you who don’t, the best way i can explain this situation is that i will now be reffering to him as my husband. that is the best explination i can give, im sorry but it is hard to explain an inside joke. so, sorry you have spent your time reading this.

GEE! 😀

Kate Kaboom


This is a super hero. who has no powers.

except she makes things go BOOM.

she is small

boom. unnoticed.

she has freckles that get covered by ashes

Boom. noticed later.

she has eyes the colour of ice on fire

Boom Boom. they slice his heart.

she loves like ultraviolet

bOOm. he uses it like oxygen.

she has a laugh that trails like smoke




        m. it hits him like a blast wave.

she has dark hair that fringes red in the afterglow

BooM. he burns by it. 

she sees him as he is

Kaboom. he wishes he was more.

Her Soundtrack:  Ultraviolet By the Stiff Dylans

Forget You

This song has been playing on CBC radio 2 lately i think its pretty catchy, here’s the video

after seeing this i can’t say whether the radio edit version is better or not. I like both but would have to say if i were to put it on my ipod i’d upload the radio edit, it just sounds nicer yet with the video the images make up for the harsh vocabulary, plus the kid is pretty funny and he works really well with the music cues.

Ce lo Green is best known for working with Danger Mouse as the duo Gnarls Barkley

Ninja training – India

After scanning the CBC website for inspiration i came across the title  “Human Pyramids” which i didn’t think was very exciting but i was thinking of the cheerleading show ‘Hellcats’ so i thought i’d check it out.

 For future reference, this is how my brain works, like an engineer and a pot head had a child and its mind turned into a messy brainstorming sheet, (this actually happened) the paths may not make any sense but trust me they relate to each other.

And i found a new fantabulously awesome sport that looks extremly fucking hard. as in this takes dedication and looks like fun to try! i immediately wanted to get a pole and try it- also the whole candle on my head thing kinda scared me as fire and hair don’t mix well, they combust. now im sure none of you have any idea what im talking about so here is a link to the photo gallery

The sport/art/activity? is Mallakhamb and is an “accompanying excercise for wrestling”. to be honest i think it seems like a discipline in itself but i guess the hindu monkey god of strength, Hanuman, had big dreams for its wrestlers.  as you can see from the pictures and the descriptions it can be done by both men and women, the men use the pole and the women use a rope hanging from the ceiling for their routines. the mens routines involve team work strength and flexibility – they make pyramids and other structures(?)  all based on a pole. the womens routines i think may be harder since they have to balance a candle on their forehead while being synchronized, they also wrap a rope around themselves to do their poses. but not at the same time as they are using the candle, just for clarification 😛 I hope that i can find a video of a routine because with the candles, the colours that would (im assuming) make up their costumes and the acrobatics it would be like cirque du soleil – literally .

Who knew?

I don’t know you that well. i don’t know how you’ve changed in the last few years so i don’t think i will ever understand. did your view change from what i did know? from the person i knew you as before? then again i never really knew you.

but how could you lose your curiosity? is that what happened? how could you not want to find out what might happen?  who might you meet? sure the week ahead may be foreseeable, the same classes the same people, the same weather. but what about the next year? more stress? you could stand it. but then again, i don’t know you. im just glad that you have the choice to answer.

Something that bothers me…

One of the most common traits desired on people’s imaginary mate list (usually titled “My perfect boyfriend/girlfriend” but for these purposes let’s be gender neutral) is someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Honestly? that’s the type of person you want to spend your time with? This is a terrible trait to look for in a person. Imagine having a conversation with them or trying to work out a problem

“(insert your point of view here)”

“you can think what you want i don’t really care”

BAAGHHH!! see how frustrating trying to have a conversation with this person would be? It would happen in any situation too, like over dinner? you would end up sounding like their waiter, they wouldn’t ask you any questions because they wouldn’t care! basically talking to them would be like trying to play baseball with a balloon.

For a normal person it would be impossible for them not to care about what anyone thinks because other people’s opinions help you form your own.  for instance think of your favourite movie,  you wouldn’t have been able to see that movie if other people hadn’t shared your opinion and cared about what you thought.

Besides, people should care about what you think, this is how blogging got popular, it also helps them form their own view of you. if someone didn’t care what anyone else thought they would be very self centered and quite honestly you would die of boredom after being in their presence longer than 10 minutes.

So if you must look for someone who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks (perhaps/hopefully/instead you really mean a rebel? a non conformist?)  maybe try looking for someone who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, except for the people they care about. Besides this person seems much more healthy and interesting 🙂


p.s i found spell check!!! 😀 it’s that little check marked ABC icon, this my friends is a beautiful display of my computer skills