Hitler is Reincarnated in the Republican Party

Dear Republican Party of America,

Honestly. Holy flip shit. You are adults who are supposedly educated. Grow the fuck up, and get your head out your fat ass that’s so big it’s no wonder its stuck in the 1800’s.

Sincerely, Progress.

The title was my first thought after reading the comments made by Senators of the Party. Read what I read here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/30/opinion/30blow.html?_r=1&scp=3&sq=birth%20certificate%20racial&st=Search
This is why people say “Don’t get me wrong, I love America.   The land, not it’s people.”

At least Obama got to own.


For the amount of time I spend playing this,you’d think I’d be fluent in Simlish.

One of my favourite games of all time would have to be the sims.
It started when I was about eight. While my mom was at work i basically lived at my basbysitter’s house. Rose (babysitter) had three teenaged children who are like my siblings, so when they would play on the computer, I would be playing with the spare controller or keyboard pretending that I was doing something. One of the games was the sims. To my 8 year old mind this was like a virtual doll house, i quickly became enamored.

The player must make decisions about time spent in personal development, such as exercise, reading, creativity, and logic, by adding activities to the daily agenda of the Sims. Daily need fulfillment must also be scheduled, such as personal hygiene, eating, and sleeping. If the simulated humans do not perform need fulfillment, they suffer consequences. For example, if they do not eat, they will die of starvation. If they do not go to the bathroom, they will wet themselves. If they do not have fun, they become depressed, and unwilling to do things. When Sims have low motives they are more likely to be nasty to other Sim characters by insulting them, slapping them and even attacking them.

Financial health is simulated by the need to send the Sims to find jobs, go to work, pay bills, and take advantage of personal development and social contacts to advance in their jobs.

The first game of The Sims has several limitations, most notably, when your sims had children, they would stay children. Forever. Also, adult Sims never age (or die of old age), and there is no concept of weekends. For example, adults and children are expected to go to work and attend school respectively, every day. In particular, adults receive a warning if they miss one day of work, but they are fired if they miss work for two consecutive days. Children can study at home to keep their school grades up. When creating your sims (people) you had a limited selection of clothing, and heads. You had to stay on your lot the entire time, and there were only 4 camera angles. (http://www.scubb.com/images/products/PC%2520the%2520sims%2520complete%2520colletion_box.jpg&imgrefurl=http://gamegame-gt.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html&usg=__Ujh3RK8qXGQUSABpqlEGtujr_9Y=&h=500&w=357&sz=38&hl=en&start=17&zoom=1&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=kms8mGXu-ZwzgM:&tbnh=130&tbnw=93&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dthe%2Bsims%2Bpc%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26sa%3DG%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-ca%26biw%3D1003%26bih%3D592%26as_st%3Dy%26tbs%3Dift:jpg%26tbm%3Disch&ei=UufCTe2sF5OqsAOQ5OXyDw)

Then when I was around 12, the sims 2 came out, this was exciting because now the children could grow up! You could leave you house and go to places in the community! you could customize how your sims looked! and their genetics would be passed on to their children. Unlike the original Sims, where you could spend forever raising their skills, the aging system in The Sims 2imposes a time limit on this before your Sims die.

The main aim of the game is to lead a Sim from the start of life to death. Sims will need to build up skills and relationships with other Sims, so that he/she can be successful in their career. A player will also need to make sure a Sim is happy and well by fulfilling wants (including lifetime wants, avoiding fears, and fulfilling motives).

Sims’ personalities are also given an overhaul with each Sim having an Aspiration, Wants, and Fears.

The Sims 2 shipped with 3 premade neighborhoods. Pleasantview is a continuation of the original Sims storyline 25 years later. The new neighborhoods are Strangetown, a desert landscape with paranormal occurrences, and Veronaville, which is based on several plays by Shakespeare. Granted some of the expansion packs didn’t upgrade, for instance there is no making magic but it was a small price to pay for a continuing generation.

The people at EA though, well some how they were able to think of improvements. And out of that came The Sims 3. Seamless neighbourhoods were the big sell here, you were able to walk around the entire community rather than pick a lot to load. And you are able to customize the colours and patterns of nearly everything! Which sort of makes up for the loss of some cool objects like the spiral staircase. With this came a more quest style game where your sims are given opportunities and wants. They can also find things around the town. The expansion packs were pretty cool too. This game was definitely more goal oriented than it’s precedors. While the others were more like, as i said before, a virtual doll house, this one felt like you could win.

EA games then decided to go back in time, now that they had the tech for seamless quest based games, they produced, The Sims Medieval! As it was half price (sale lasts until May 6th) I decided to buy it. It took three hours to download and you can only play that version if you’re connected to te internet,  so if you are thinking of getting it i suggest ordering the hard copy. So far the game is pretty fun and there is definitely a lot of creative fodder to burn up in my quest for the ultimate kingdom, my only complaint right now is that you can’t save while the tutorial is running, and it runs whenever you open a new game. The tutorial runs until you finish the first quest but still it takes about an hour with it pausing all over the place to tell you what to do.

An overview of the games and available expansion packs:

                   – Livin Large – New Characters, Careers, Items, Features
                   – House Party – Ability to throw parties, themed objects
                   – Hot Date – New Characters, objects, and a Destination (Downtown)
                   – Vacation – New Destination split into 3 environments (Beach, Woods, Snow), Objects, interactions.
                   – Unleashed – Ability to adopt and interacte with pets
                   – Superstar – Can become famous entertainers, New objects etc.
                   – Makin’ Magic – can cast spells, make charms, travel to magic market through rabbit holes, New objects etc.

– University – Universities, Destinations (campuses) Young Adult age group, Influence system, Careers for graduates, characters, zombies
– Nightlife –  Dates, Outings, aspirations, ownable cars, Attraction system Destinations (Downtown) Character, Vampires
– Open for Business – Businesses, talent badges, Destination (Shopping Village) Robots
– Pets – <Speaks for itself, Werewolves
– Seasons – New Town, PlantSims (plant people kionda like elves/woodland creatures all look basically the same)
– Bon Voyage – Destinations (Island, Asia, Mountain), Bigfoot
– Free Time – Hobby system, lifetime aspiration system, new talent badges, Can learn ballet and alsmot any other extra curricular activity
– Apartment Life – Rentable apartments, reputation system, witchcraft system, Urban Characters, Witches & Warlocks

– World Adventures – Additions: new traits, skills, and furniture Features: quests, tomb exploration at three new destinations (egypt china france), photography, basements, nectar, fireworks. vacation homes, Mummies

– Ambitions – additions: new careers, skills (Inventor, ghost hunter, fire fighter, architect etc), traits, and furniture, Simbots Features: control within work (professions and selected careers), Laundry, Tattoo system

-Late Night – Additions: new careers, skills, traits, clothes and accessories, furniture, and cars  Features: bars, night clubs, penthouse suites, butlers, hot tubs, subway portholes, elevators, zodiac signs, new swimming pool design tools, height adjustment for wall objects and fountain tool. Vampires

– Generations (Basically everything they should have had in the original release of TS3) Additions: new playground equipment, new career, and new traits.  Features: pranks, midlife crisis, body hair, new types of celebrations (i.e. birthday/teen/bachelor parties, weddings), memories, graduation ceremonies, imaginative play, spiral staircases, water slides. Imaginary Friends

– Much different gameplay than the previous games, you controll a kingdom and each character is like an account in an MMORPG but without the load times in between. Read up on it here http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/The_Sims_Medieval

– You play as the watcher AKA God because people are dumb and in order for them to thrive you need to have a little control over them <- summary of opening. This is the only opening of the sims so far that i thought has been entertaining.

Cleanliness Is Essential When Godliness Is Improbable

I love reading comics, at least the ones that come free in the newspaper, online or in book form at the library. Ones that I don’t mind paying money for are few and far between but there are at least 3; The Far Side, Baby Blues and Sinfest. Even thought they are online I’d still pay for them because they are that funny 🙂
The Oatmeal is pretty good too but not spend worthy

Anyways another thing semi-related to the title (it involves showering….and swearing?) is Jenna Marbles!!

My sister showed me her YouTub videos and while being vulgar she sure is funny!

Background info: Vlogger and GoGo dancer with a Masters degree in Sports Psychology
Here’s the Vid let me Know what you think of any of the Links!

I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. (But I’ll settle for paper cuts)

After googling (yes it’s a verb) “challenge yourself”, and there is a boring round about story of how I came to do this – starting with an essay, I saw that this is a very popular goal for people. I can see the appeal, it allows you at New Years to have a go-to resolution, or gives you something to fill out on those goal sheets that used to come attached to our report cards. (ignoring the fact that the ‘used to‘ means we no longer have to fill those out)

What’s your New Years resolutions?
while not having any I think I’ll challenge myself more!

It’s up there with loosing weight, eating less _____, and other general physical, domestic, material and lifestyle improvements. 

Anyways I came upon this blog: http://www.danahuff.net/ it’s where I got the title as well, by Franz Kafka and hell if I know who he is…

And for those of you who like reading… she has book challenges! Such as

Steampunk Challenge: Clockwork angel, Leviathan, and the Hunchback Assignments are a few of the titles listed under reccomendations

Books I Should Have Read in School but Didn’t: We all have a list of books we feel we should have read, probably in school, but for a variety of reasons, we didn’t. This challenge will allow all of us who feel we should have read certain books, whether they are classics of literature, or children’s books we seem to be alone in missing, to read those books!

The Gothic reading Challenge: GIANT list http://gothicreadingchallenge.blogspot.com/p/50-gothic-books.html

The Once Upon A Time Challenge: <- you get it

The Where Are You Reading Challenge: read a book about a country, state town and map it!

The GLBT Challenge: Read a book about GLBT or by an author that is

So if you’re ever stuck in a rut and don’t know what to read, try a challenge = something to brag about!

Let me know if you have tried a book challenge, are thinking of trying one or if you are thinking of your own challenge!

We are out living our brains.

To Skip post, watch Video at end.

Way back when, we used to die early, before a disease could slowly kill us off. But now that we are living longer thanks to medical knowledge, we are seeing the effects of long life.  And in this case, it’s not exactly a healthy one.
In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food, in 1997 $100 billion on fast food, Americans now spend more money on fast food than they do on higher education, personal computers, software or new cars. They spend more on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos and recorded music – combined. http://www.mcspotlight.org/media/press/rollingstone1.html

Though you may be obese, don’t worry you won’t die from it! There are surgeries and gyms. But while your body can live until 93, your brain may not.
          *Background info*In type 2 diabetes, your body’s cells sometimes ignore the insulin created by the pancreas. Insulin is necessary for the body to be able to use glucose for energy. When you eat food, the body breaks down all of the sugars and starches into glucose, which is the basic fuel for the cells in the body. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood into the cells. When glucose builds up in the blood instead of going into cells, your body needs to produce more insulin for the cells to react to the glucose. The high insulin levels damage small blood vessels,which don’t help at all with blood circulation in the brain.*

              A big factor in Type 2 diabetes deaths is the increasing levels of nitrates in the food we eat.

            Nitrosamines are chemical compounds, most of which are carcinogenic, and are produced when the food preservative nitrite combines with amino acids in the stomach.
Read more here: *http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2009/07/06/nitrate-environment-study.html*

          The Nitrosamines also affect the brain, it is now known that Alzheimer’s is basically diabetes of the brain. The brain is not reacting to the insulin because the neuro transmitters (they “carry” thoughts and memories) are being broken or deteriorated by the nitrosamines. So this means that the “wires” that carry your memories are being “cut” and the insulin that helps repair them is not being allowed in. We need the right amount of insulin to make our brain function properly.

So how are we getting these nitrites? Well some of them are our favourites.
-Smoked Meats such as bacon, smoked turkey from the deli counter and ham.
-Processed Foods specifically processed cheeses – everybody knows that McD. is poisonous, now we know exactly why, it deteriorates your brain.

But there is hope, the damage can be reduced if you start soon.

  • Lentils provide a steady stream of glucose to your brain. Glucose, a sugar and key source of energy for cells in the body, is the only fuel your brain can use. The high fiber content of lentils is a key component in keeping your brain in optimal shape. The fiber regulates the release of the glucose, providing a steady stream of fuel that powers your brain cells.
  • Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and have been found to keep the arteries of the brain clear of plaque. They nourish the brain by helping communication between brain cells. Sprinkle some into your yogurts, cereals and salads, or munch on them alone.
  • Brazil nuts are an excellent source of healthy, or monounsaturated, fats. They are also high in magnesium, a mineral that’s essential to the transmission of signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Almonds, walnuts and cashews are also excellent brain foods. Eat a fistful of brazil nuts or mixed nuts a day.
  • Coffee can protect the brain. One study found that coffee can help keep the blood-brain barrier intact; this barrier acts as a coating, and protects the brain from unwanted materials and damaging elements, like harmful cholesterol. Another study showed that coffee may also improve short-term memory. Coffee is high in antioxidants; Americans get most of their antioxidants from coffee. Drinking one or two cups a day is healthy, just remember to use modest amounts of milk and sugar.

Watch the Dr.Oz episode (pt. 1) here:


Hail Mary

Posting Something for the imagined category that was nearly missed this month. Since that was all I did last month (I may be wrong, I’m tired and trying to figure out which month which post was posted in is confusing me… I’m surprised i could even create that last sentence) so… a little pun/ line that has some dialogue placement possibilities

You can’t be a little rock, you’ve got to be a little boulder.

yeah… tired.

Mhurgfffl…. >:/

That feeling you have when it feels like you’ve slept for less than 5 minutes and you’re waking up at 5:30 in the morning? yeah, have that now.
Here’s how to achieve this lovely state of consciousness:

Starting Monday, wake up at 5:30, sleep in for 15 minutes because you did [nearly] all this last week, run to look for spare change because sleeping in lost time needed for making lunch, eat breakfast in car, go play squash till 8:30/9 (Note* hit the ball hard, because they don’t bounce! YAY! proceed to wish you were playing with an iron frying pan)

Proceed to school – Stairs are involved and must be walked up and down repeatedly while carrying a 10+ pound deadweight, remember to look good! 😀

Rugby Practice till 5 (Note* some people like to walk in drills while they think the coaches aren’t watching. Do not be one of these people, the coaches are watching. Repeat drill because of slackers)

Eat dinner while icing ankle

Shower then Braid hair (While your arms are burning from being above you’re head for an hour just think how awesomely strong your arms will be!)

Do math while your brain slowly loses power


Make bus (First time this month, Feel PROUD!)

School – see monday

Rugby – teach new players! (*<–highlight of day, do not read as sarcasm) after practice catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflective surface, scare self. Make a note to find hairstyle that does not involve sharp metal objects to attain non hobo style.


Forget that [important]  homework is due friday while you feel good about yourself being able to answer the wheel of fortune questions before they add non given letters

Watch jeopardy, feel marginally less smart



See monday until rugby (skid on non varnished wood floor while trying to hit ball in squash, miss)

Rugby – outside, run through snow banks, feel proud that you dressed well for the weather

French homework


Midnight – remember you promised to bake cupcakes on thursday back in february and have been planning said expenditure since
remember important homework due friday
remember that you have blogged once this month
forget above when asleep

Sleep in till… Just Kidding you are on auto wakeup and it is 6 o’clock try as you might you are not falling back asleep no matter how long you lay there

8:30 have decided to stay in bed until room temperature rises above 15 c and the polar unit have gone to work, since it is now 20ish c it is time to eat and etc.

time getting ready perfectly so that you will be ready to go at 10:30

Friend comes at 10:20, make friend wait until you are ready (at 10:40)

continue making bad prioritizing decision

go grocery shopping for supplies/ bake and decorate cupcakes until you have to work

work till 8
come home and remember homework that you remembered last night

Work on blog… fear for life,  shove stuff to weekend.  Read horoscope – plan to feel like figure 1 on friday…. maybe more like saturday

figure 1

Get ready for bed at 10:30 as past experience has told you that you do not function properly when having to wake up at 6 if you go to bed at 12 or later, you know that bruises ensue because of lack of foot coordination. Feel proud for taking precaution.

Friday* Subject to change

wake up at 6, eat, pack etc.
miss bus/ Make bus = 80/20 chance respectively
feel glad parents like you enough that they don’t make you walk, like cold for same reason

feel guilt for not completing annotated bibliography for english, try to remember what essay you are writing is on as you watch presentations, May have to sit through possible lecture

feel guilt for not completing children’s story, feel a little better after remembering you blogged

feel good that you completed french homework, try to remember how to speak french

… challenge and change hope for a movie

get home at 3:20, work at 3:30, end at six, dinner

friends come over, teach rugby and watch movie, talk a lot.

work on homework that was due today/shower/braid
look forward to sleeping in tomorrow
remember that you are waking up at 4-6 to go to grandma’s and maple syrup festival. Plan on sleeping in car, hope you don’t see anyone you only sort of know there as you feel like slothing and speaking as little as possible, limit words to grunts.