Well this is Unfortunate…

       I remember way back in grade three, one of my old friends had a few Emily the Strange shirts.  I was fascinated by them, which is weird considering it was only a shirt, but the designs were simple and Gothic basically frickin sweet.

Here she is in case you don’t know

  • Emily is a girl who always wears a black dress with black tights and white Mary-Jane shoes.
  • She has four black cats.
  • She is an inventor and has a creepy garden and any other object that is considered ‘strange’.

     Unbeknownst to me she was created in the 90’s supposedly based off a sticker and has grown into comic books and young adult novels, (http://www.emilystrange.com) one of which came into the library and made me nearly hyperventilate when I saw it. It is called The Lost Days and is very laugh inducing.

After recently reuniting with a childhood icon I came across some upsetting news. Please enter the following portal and read the post so that I do not have to summarize.

      I read it and so then I was like “WTF?!? oh noooo…” now I feel conflicted because I love the strangeness that is Emily and I want to read all her books and I think the artwork is awesome

BUT  I also read this


     Now I’m angry at Mr. Reger. All would have been fine if he had followed his high school english teachers rants on plagiarism but now this brand has the corporate stain of greed*.

Here is a better analysis of the, what Mr. Reger calls “readily distinguishable”, characters http://coffeeghost.net/2006/12/30/emily-the-rip-off/

      The up coming movie*** will get hit harder than an iron frying pan to the face because as soon as the trailers release the web’s gonna be all a tizzy with this scandal.
And here I thought she was super awesome 😦

*Use of the word greed is used with the understanding that yes, most corporations that produce a product or brand are doing so to make money and not solely fo the enjoyment of the public.  As such greed should not be read as the average run of the mill money grabbing (formerly explained) but as the ‘this is gonna cost millions if it goes to court you dirty rotten scoundrel ‘ variety 

**Further deep thinking on the topic has led me to resolve that the writers of the Emily the Strange books were not trying to rip off Nate the Great’s Rosamond and therefore are still eligible to be read if taken out from the library and not bought directly as then I would be buying directly from the greed* stained brand.  Also as much as I love the plagiarised product I understand if it has to become obsolete.

*** oh and to save you the google time of searching for it, Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl in Kick Ass) will play Emily <- Good choice


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