Clear as Mud

The wind at first was absent
     then suddenly it came
       and through its combing fingers fell
         the first of frozen rain
The clouds they bloomed, they BeLLOWeD, they rolled
     insulating the world under a blanket of cold.
And through it, two together, forced through the whirl
This sw
          li                                                  ling world.
                ng,   tu                            st
                               mbl           whi
They slipped over sidewalks
       and bumped into others,
       who were searching for their own, storm chasing lovers
They walked through drifts and jumped over cracked rivers
      until finally sensing that something was near
      they both looked at the ground and saw something appear
The frost turned to mud which looked such a mess
     but again they both knew this was only a test.
They circled & crossed this area of light
     and found the beginning of the end of their plight.
     for it started out  s  l   o  w  l  y  then grew as they peered
     at this answer to questions resulting from fear
The clouds they shrivelled, they fractured, dispersed
     allowing warmth to bake the earth, in the echoing silence
     from the wind, done with tangles, as it
     drifted around while the lovers sat down
     in the low sun
     under the tree that grew from their struggles
     and ate their mud pies.


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