When I’m writing, I tend to need a song to help me get going.  In this unit, Short Story writing, having my iPod work would be really helpful. Unfortunatly it spased and shut down completely, BUT it was able to play this song (Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons) on repeat long enough for me to write this scene. It needs work but iPod = dead until I get enough time/remeber to plug it into the computer and clean it up, so feel free to comment and make suggestions!


I can feel the warm cement, rough and dry under my bare feet, so different from the cool shade of the Business/Apartment complexes that line the sidewalk on your right. I’m standing beside the empty lot on the corner, a bus stop covered in flyers is to my left. The broken fence is a wall of multicoloured posters, some held on with gum, barely hiding the wild growth of the empty lot. Through a missing plank I can see the remains of a dog house and a chain, vines growing over discarded popcans. Ahead of me, after crossing the road where cars gleam by, the cool shade begins again. The sheets on the cross light beside me flutter in the wind, made by the passing cars and buses, carrying the prevailing smell of exhaust, chinese and fast food restaurants, and the sweet smell of flowers from the florist on the other side of the street, which is feeling the full force of the sun. A few people walk by but it’s not too busy, nice weather for biking, the brave ones taking full advantage of the lack of cars parked along the curb, weaving through, making their own bike lanes.


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