An ice cold blanket

A few weeks ago we got our first taste of snow. I was pretty pumped about this because i lovelovelovelovelove snow; then a terrible dry spell, which involved rain, made everything muddy brown and wet. But now  (stating the obvious) everything is accented in white 🙂 Lets get the snow days rollin!

Almost everybody i’ve talked to is happy about this wonderful fluff, yet there are some who absolutely despise snow. They hate the cold and the slush and the cold. They want it to constantly be 30 celsius which i think would be terrible.  This is Canada, we need variances in weather to maintain our culture of being some of the hardiest folk alive, next to the people in Iceland. Besides the cold and the slush, there really isn’t that much to hate about it, so here are some of the reasons why i love it:

Snow is the wrapping paper around an ugly sweater. It makes all the muddy brown, patchy grassed lawns covered in dead leaves and stick fragments look like smooth, puffy, sparkling carpets of  possibility in the way a nicely wrapped present makes you excited over what’s inside.

.. no matter how ugly...


Speaking of possibilities there are about 20 different outdoor activities to do in the winter

You can't do this in the summer.... the lack of snow would render it fatal

you can make stuff out of it

school stops because of it… as well as most traffic

you can live in it

you can eat it.

Multipurpose Weather!!


3 responses to “An ice cold blanket

  1. I like snow – to an extent. I like building things with it, and sliding full speed down a hill on a crazy carpet. I like that with cross country skiis I can slide across it and probably not get my feet wet (so I’ve been told….I haven’t actually gotten them yet. Sometime next week I think). It’s pretty and sometimes you get to stay home for a do-whatever-you-want kind of day. And Christmas would be nothing without snow. Could you imagine Santa without the huge red coat to keep him warm? But I do tend to not like the snow some days, especially if I’m in a bad mood. I hate being vold all the time, and after a little while I start to miss spring, with the bright colours and the after-a-rain-earthy smell, and all the fresh earthy things.
    I should probably stop typing now, this comment’s getting really long lol.

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