Cartoons are more real than real life

So I heard on CBC radio 2 as Bob Mackowycz was inserting little factoiods into my morning, slowly preparing my brain for the onslaught of knowledge that will ensue from my voluntary attendance of life,  that the reason Disney movies such as The fox and the Hound are able to bring tears to grown mens eyes more so than say Titanic is that in some skewed way, the cartoons are more relatable. Let me start a new paragraph to explain further.

Real life movies don’t bring us to tears as easily as animated movies because we see the real people and perceive whats happening as their life not ours and we are watching from afar, but in animated movies we see the lines that make up the face and project our own feelings as to what emotion the face is feeling.

I hope that makes sense because now I have something else to talk about, but don’t worry its related…

so this brings me to talk (type?) about a blog that has been spreading through my group of friends like an std on jersey shore.

the posts are super funny and very relatable, her vocabulary is extremely descriptive and all of this is heightened by her mastery of paint.

you can only be responsible for so long a period of time before you crack...

you could go through a whole post, just look at the pictures and still laugh.  but then you should read it because its even more funny that way. Another great part about this blog is that it provides a satirical look at life and overall good advice, so go ahead and learn seven games you can play with a brick, how to survive rural montana and a better use for girl guide cookies.


One response to “Cartoons are more real than real life

  1. that’s a cool theory. I agree that having a person conveying emotions usually doesn’t bring me to those emotions, unless it’s done really well. of course, the thing that usually breaks me down is music. However, unlike some people, pop, rock and genres like that do nothing for me either. Soundtracks, classical music, brings out the emotion, and this is probably due to the same theory presented here. There are no lyrics that define what the song is saying, it simply makes you feel.

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