Ninja training – India

After scanning the CBC website for inspiration i came across the title  “Human Pyramids” which i didn’t think was very exciting but i was thinking of the cheerleading show ‘Hellcats’ so i thought i’d check it out.

 For future reference, this is how my brain works, like an engineer and a pot head had a child and its mind turned into a messy brainstorming sheet, (this actually happened) the paths may not make any sense but trust me they relate to each other.

And i found a new fantabulously awesome sport that looks extremly fucking hard. as in this takes dedication and looks like fun to try! i immediately wanted to get a pole and try it- also the whole candle on my head thing kinda scared me as fire and hair don’t mix well, they combust. now im sure none of you have any idea what im talking about so here is a link to the photo gallery

The sport/art/activity? is Mallakhamb and is an “accompanying excercise for wrestling”. to be honest i think it seems like a discipline in itself but i guess the hindu monkey god of strength, Hanuman, had big dreams for its wrestlers.  as you can see from the pictures and the descriptions it can be done by both men and women, the men use the pole and the women use a rope hanging from the ceiling for their routines. the mens routines involve team work strength and flexibility – they make pyramids and other structures(?)  all based on a pole. the womens routines i think may be harder since they have to balance a candle on their forehead while being synchronized, they also wrap a rope around themselves to do their poses. but not at the same time as they are using the candle, just for clarification 😛 I hope that i can find a video of a routine because with the candles, the colours that would (im assuming) make up their costumes and the acrobatics it would be like cirque du soleil – literally .


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